The Rivista Journal Single Issue


The Rivista Journal: Navigating the New Normal One Day at a Time (Single Issue)

The Life Enhancing Journal for your divorce clients as they navigate the first year after their divorce. Remembering details is hard when your clients are hurting. The journal is designed to help your clients plan the first year after the divorce to make sure important events are not overlooked.

The Rivista Journal is for keeping track of your life during that most difficult first year. A daily organizer that customizes celebrations – both personal and religious for your clients and their children. Often it’s the daily and the ordinary that is the hardest.

The Rivista Journal is a customizable, digital life planner that will guide your clients through their first year of divorce. It is fully customized with important dates including birthdays, religious holidays and important life events. The Rivista Journal is available as a 12 month subscription enabling you to customize and download an unlimited amount of journals per month to serve the needs of each of your clients.

During the course of the yearly subscription, you will be able to customize and download an unlimited number of The Rivista Journals for your clients. Each journal is customized with your clients names, dates of birth and the religious holidays  for the Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions as appropriate for your clients.

Each journal will include your  firm name as well as your firm information on the inside cover. You do have the option of printing your firm information on the full color cover as shown.

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